Gaps online training

exail standard course for Gaps M7 and Gaps M5

Dozens of interesting lessons in rich content format to learn how to operate Gaps.

This online course provides all the basic concepts.
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How it works

  • Purchasing and Onboarding

    Gaps eLearning course is purchasable:

    • here on iXblue Store
    • or by contacting iXblue here

    • You will then receive further instructions on the onboarding process.
  • Learning

    You will start learning about Gaps using this e-learning platform, on your own time. You are granted access to the lessons, including all the updates available to the curriculum during 6 months after your first log in. You can replay the lessons after completion of the course to refresh your memory. A final quiz is also available for you to make a self assessment of your knowledge on Gaps.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • 2 min video presentation fo the course

    • How to use this e-learning platform

    • Let's get started - Objectives, learning process and evaluation criteria

    • Theory modules covered in this course

    • Pre-course survey

  • 2

    1 - Gaps General Presentation

    • Gaps introduction

    • Description and product layout

    • Product Overview

    • Gaps M7 and Gaps M5 Datasheet

    • Video tour of GAPS

    • Software Included

    • Compatible beacons

    • Deployment methods

  • 3

    2 - USBL theory and principles of acoustic positioning

    • Gaps Acoustic Signal Processing Principles

    • Range Performance Factors - The Sonar Equation

    • Angle accuracy - The Woodward formula

    • Sonar equation and Woodward formula calculator

    • Hybrid Systems - Coupling USBL and INS

  • 4

    3 - Installation

    • Gaps Antenna mechanical installation

    • GNSS Installation

    • Gaps Box

    • Connecting Gaps

    • Managing Gaps from a computer

    • Testing the equipment

  • 5

    4 - Configuration

    • HMI Overview - 1 of 3

    • HMI - Configuring the Input and Output Parameters - 2 of 3

    • Interrogation modes

    • MT9 Beacon Settings

    • HMI - Setting up the acoustics part - 3 of 3

    • Setting up - Position Rate & Blanking Time

    • Upload a new Sound Velocity Profile

    • Logging Data

    • Dynamic Positioning Modes

  • 6

    5 - Operations

    • INS alignment

    • Testing procedures

    • Launching the survey

    • How to perform INS-USBL coupling for ROV

    • Setting up USBL-INS coupling using acoustic communication

    • Deploying the Transponders

    • Recovering the equipment

    • Controlling the data

  • 7

    6 - Software Interfacing

    • Delph RoadMap - Set up - 1 of 2

    • DELPH RoadMap - Operating - 2 of 2

    • Interfacing to DP and navigation sw

  • 8

    7 - Maintenance

    • General recommendations

    • Checking the electrical ground

    • Connecting a new Gaps Box

    • Maintaining the SUBCONN connectors

    • Firmware maintenance (update)

    • Gaps Arm Removal

    • Gaps M7 calibration after arm removal

  • 9

    Final Test

    • Gaps Course Test

About Bespoke Sessions

Ad-hoc sessions can be arranged off line

Besides completing these online modules, you also have the option to participate to instructor-led hands-on training, covering all practical aspects pertaining the specific needs of your application and your project set up.

Such sessions are either run on exail premises or, if a client has their own Gaps, on client’s premises. This is outside the scope of this online training. If you are interested in this, please do contact your commercial counterpart.

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